Why Home Staging Really Matters

Dated: July 3 2020

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Why Home Staging Really Matters

Staging – vs. – Non-staged

Case Study & Report

Dear Reader,

I wanted to give you the most convincing proof possible. Many people find it hard to believe the simple act of staging helps one home sell for more than another similar home.

In my research, I looked for examples of similar houses being sold for differing amounts of money where only one of the two houses were staged.

The clearest example I could find

was in the case of these two listings

This development has 200 equivalent townhomes.

Every single townhome in the neighborhood is 3 stories with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Every single unit has the exact same floor plan.

                                                I looked for two sales there, and found these:

·         4438 Capital Dome Drive sold on August 26th, for $202,000.

·         4456 Capital Dome Drive (5 doors down) sold on July 26th, for $188,000.

I personally visited this neighborhood, and I am familiar with these properties. You could not find a better example of two identical properties that sold for different prices.

The details show these two homes

are identical in every substantial way:

·         The lots the units sit on are identical as far as location desirability for a buyer.

·         Both units had the same kitchen plan with the same cabinets and a tile floor.

·         Both units had nice hardwood floors in the living room, and carpeted bedroom.

Every important detail of these two townhomes was identical. I studied every aspect of these sales to find what made the difference.

There are 2 reasons one home sold

for $14,000 more than the other:

·         Townhouse #4438 was professionally staged giving it more appealing appearance.

·         The agent selling #4438 took higher quality, more attractive photos of the home.

Those two seemingly small actions made the $14,000 difference! The buyers of #4438 made a higher offer because the agent presented the home in a more appealing and attractive way.

--- End of Staging Report ---

            Even simple things can make a big impact on the final sale price of a home. Staging done well is one of those things!

You have two options for staging a home:

Option 1: Do it yourself. Learn how in the following blog.

Option 2: Hire a professional home stager. If you are considering hiring someone to handle your staging, contact me for a list of references. I’s be happy to share recommendations and send you information on stagers who will do a good job for you.

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