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Dated: May 5 2020

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                 Having the information, you need to advertise your property is an excellent first step. It is just the first step, though. Once you have the information, you need to put it in your listing.

            Simply adding it in is not enough. You need to make sure people see it or it will not help you.

Begin with a picture.

               When people visit a real estate website, it takes them just a split second to decide if they are interested in a property. That is because they see a picture of it. Before they even know it, their brains tell them yes or no.

            If their brains tell them yes, they click on the listing. If their brains tell them no, they move on to the next property.

            It is your job to make sure people’s brains say “yes” when they see your picture. You do that by photographing the unique feature and using it as the display picture.

            Of course, some people will not be interested after they see your display picture. That is okay. Remember you only want to appeal to people who will buy your property.

            You are just wasting your time if you appeal to people not interested in your unique features. With that in mind, this will also help you weed out people who are not interested.

            That means you are not wasting time on home showings for people who do not intend to purchase your property.

Be Descriptive.

               You also need to focus on your description. Put one or two special features right at the beginning of the description so people will see them immediately. You can also put them in your headline.

            This will help you attract the right people. If you do this, you will notice the quality of your leads will improve. You will show your home to people who are ready to make a purchase.

            You will also get more offers close to or at your asking price. While all of this is great news, you still have one more thing you can do to increase your sales.

Turn a negative into a positive.

                Nothing kills a sale like a big negative. Fortunately, you can often turn a negative into a positive. Let me go over an example so you understand how this works.

            Let’s imagine you own a house built ten years ago. You want to sell your home, but there is a problem. A nice, new development recently opened in the area. Builders are selling brand new houses.

            The houses are roughly the same, but the current price of the new properties is about $40,000 more than the asking price of your home. Nevertheless, buyers will choose the brand-new houses just because they are new. They hold a greater perceived value.

            They don’t stop to consider that in five years, it won’t matter. Their house will be five years old, and your place would be fifteen years old. But that’s not all.

            Their five-year-old place will NOT fetch an extra $40,000 compared to your 15-year-old house. When the buyers of the new house no longer decide to sell, they will actually end up losing money. The appeal of a new house is gone, and they won’t recoup the extra $40,000 they spent buying new.

Show them what they are missing.

                Fortunately, you can educate buyers and get them interested in your house. You just need a way to capture their attention and highlight the positive sides of your property.

            Create an ad with a headline that says, “Don’t buy a new house in (Development Name) until you see this house.” Then you could go over reasons people would benefit from buying your home.

            The cost is an obvious reason you should certainly include. It is far from the only reason though. Jot down a list of every feature you can think of for both your house and the newer ones. They compare and contrast different perspectives.

            For example, compare yards. Newly built houses typically do not have established trees or landscaping. They might have freshly planted grass. That requires more work and more money.

            Here is another idea, think of the traffic and commotion in a new development where homes are still under construction. Focus on the positive by talking about how quiet your neighborhood is. Mention a peaceful home. Some buyers will see this as a point of attraction.

 Attract buyers excited to see your home.

                These are just a few examples. You can turn any negative into a positive by reframing it. Remember, you control your story. It is up to you to feature your home in a positive light. Do a good job of attracting buyers specifically interested in features your house offers and you no longer have to compete against those new homes!

             Instead, you will be working with buyers already excited about something in your home. Taking this approach buts out the competition, speeds up the sales process, and makes you more money.

            Just keep 80/20 Rule in mind during the selling process, and look for a point of difference to feature in your home. Focus on what makes the most impact, and you will be successful.

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