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Dated: May 5 2020

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Chapter 12

How to Get Buyers Begging

To View Your Home

            Floors are a key feature buyers notice in your home. Buyers will be sure to notice how worn they are, and if the floors need to be replaced. Let’s face it, floor can be quite expensive and difficult to replace.

Everyone notices flooring should you clean or replace?

            Good news is, replacing is not your only option.

            Installing new floor coverings of any kind, including carpeting, hardwood or tile, can get pricey. Costs vary widely, based on the size of your rooms and the flooring material used.

            Use these cleaning tips to avoid expensive flooring work


            Carpets take a beating. General traffic, pets, children, muddy shoes, coffee, and wine all leave their calling cards on your carpeting. Unless you have been extremely fussy about your carpeting, it shows signs of use. This job calls for more than a good vacuum.

            Shampoo:You can often rent or purchase a carpet shampooer inexpensively. If your carpet does not have stains, spruce it up with a good washing:

·         Move the furniture out of the rooms you need to shampoo.


·         Follow the shampooer’s instructions.


·         Go over the carpet thoroughly to remove all soap residue.


·         Keep all traffic off the carpet until it is completely dry.


            You should see a significant difference in both the smell and look of your carpet. Buyers will notice the fresh, clean feeling, too.

            Steam Clean: Stained carpets need more in depth treatment than a regular carpet shampooer can offer. If that is the case, go with a steam cleaning and spot treatment:

·         Rent a steam cleaning shampooer.


·         Hire a professional carpet cleaner.

If you are dealing with severe stains or damage, get a cleaning estimate first. Then compare the price to replacing the carpet. Cleaning can make a tremendous difference, and save the cost of replacement.

Sometimes deep cleaning works, but cannot remove an extra stubborn stain. Other times, there is only on bad spot. You may be able to cover up with rugs. Adding a tasteful area or throw rug makes the room a little more attractive for showings.

Don’t be dishonest about a trouble spot. If your carpet was in bad shape a steam cleaning did not take out all of the stains, it will be evident to buyers that carpet needs to be replaced.

Even if your carpet is beyond the help of a professional cleaning, you may not want to replace it.

New carpeting is a bit expense for most people to fit into their budgets. Carpet, like paint, is a very personal choice. It would be a shame to re-carpet, only to discover a family loved everything about your house but the carpeting you just purchased!

Instead, work with what you have. Clean it and put down rugs. Keep it vacuumed. Stop people from eating and drinking on it effective immediately. Confine pets to rooms with slick floors for easy mopping. Do everything you can to keep the carpet from getting worse.

If a buyer loves everything in your home, except for the ugly carpeting, they might overlook it. They may be willing to negotiate a lower price or accept a flooring allowance in your final contract.



            Obviously, a clean carpet is best. These alternative options can help you keep costs low, and still make a good impression.

Other Flooring Types

            Take the same approach with other types of flooring. No matter the material, if you have a floor that is a little worse for wear, clean it thoroughly. Pay attention to special details that vary on each material.

            Take tiny steps until you find the right fix. Your hardwood floor can probably get by with a good wax. Vacuum the joints, where dirt accumulates. Refinishing is a last resort. Give your tile floors a heavy scrubbing. Clean the grout joints in between the tiles. If that doesn’t work, have it re-grouted.

            In some instances, you might feel the only option if to replace flooring. Make this a last resort. You might be pleasantly surprised how some tender loving care can make a floor shine!

            When these non-carpet flooring types need more that a cleaning, consider repairs. However, in some cases, it is cheaper to replace your floor than to have it repaired.

            If your current flooring is damaged beyond repair, you may have to replace it. When you do, consider less expensive flooring options. For example, vinyl self-stick tiles are inexpensive, easy to install, and simple to replace when damaged.

Brighten up the house with the new bright light bulbs.

            Lighting is an essential element to update when prepping you house for sale. Similar to flooring, tackle lighting improvements by repairing what you can and replacing the worst fixtures.

            The single most important key to lighting is this: be moderate and practical with your updates.

            Why? The National Agent’s Association reveals many home buyers will replace lighting fixtures as one of the first changes to their new home.



With this is mind, there is no need to go overboard in spending big on lighting fixture updates. Help existing fixtures look their best.

            Here’s a cost saving idea to refurbish the good light fixtures you already have in place. Follow these tips to save cash:

·         Use the same spray painting principles you practiced on your handles, pulls, and knobs.


·         New globes give am old fixture an updated look.


·         If repairing an old fixture will cost more than replacing, just replace it with something tasteful, but simple.


·         Replace any light fixtures that are broken, damaged, or dangerous in any way.

·         Put in new light bulbs to brighten rooms up.


·         Clean the fixtures you are not updating. Inside and out.


·         Don’t forget the outside lights!

Great lighting is important when showing a home. When potential buyers walk into a bright, well-lit house, they get a feeling of openness and trust. Plus, you put in a lot of hard work cleaning. Light everything up, and let your home shine!

Bright lighting also makes an area look more open and attractive. This will make closets and rooms in your home feel larger.

One more tip: change old, haggard ceiling fan blades. Look for inexpensive ones at any hardware superstore.

Revamp the front entrance.

            Take a step outside of the house and onto your front lawn. Don’t feel bad if you’ve gotten so wrapped up in updating the improving the inside of your home you have neglected the outside.

            It happens to all of us.


You can rectify the situation quickly and efficiently. Here is what to address first: the front entryway. The first thing to work on is the lock and knob of your front door.

            Take a hard look at your doorknob. What do you see?

·         Is it a mousy little knob from decades long past?


·         Is it dented or rusted? Does the key stick? Is it hard to open?


·         Could someone break in with a bobby pin and patience?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you definitely need to replace your door handle with a heavy-duty deadbolt and knob combination.

Why? The knob is the first point they touch on your home.

A flimsy lock and handle on your front door tells potential buyers your home isn’t secure. It makes them feel uncomfortable, and they won’t even know why.

So, get a nice, big, sturdy set and they’ll feel your home is as safe as can be.

Now, take a good look at your door. Is it pleasing to look at? Or is it weathered and dinged up? Has your metal door never seen a coat of paint? Is the paint on is peeled and flaking? It is time for a change. Here are two simple ways to put a new face on your house:

·         Add a dash of color. Choose paints that compliments the color of your home.


·         Use faux painting techniques to transform your metal door into a wood grain look alike.

If your door is severely damaged, have it fixed or replaced entirely. As always, go with whichever costs less.

You’ve addressed the living area inside of your home. Your front entrance is inviting. Now is the time to take a critical look at your front yard.



Curb Appeal is very important.

      Curb appeal (how your home looks from the road) is the most important image of all. You want to make an amazing first impression. A well-prepared house can even catch the eyes of buyers who never intended to visit your home.

      Buyers driving by who look at your home should immediately feel as though they want to go inside. This will not happen if you have poor landscaping, a dingy exterior, or an unkempt yard.

      Look around your yard and list everything that needs a little work.

·         Are your shrubs, trees, flower gardens, and walkways tidy?


·         Is there trash or just a general mess in your yard?


·         Does everything (front light, garage door, porch rails, etc.) function properly, and look its best?


·         Could outdoor features, like patio furniture or the garage door, be updated with a quick coat of paint?


Chances are excellent you’ll have a little improving to do. Take heart: just think of how many people are going to beg to view the inside of your home when then see how beautiful it is from your curb!

            This might seem like an overwhelming list, but the truth is it takes hard work to get a home ready to sell. Anyone can put a house on the market. Not everyone sells quickly or with great profits.

            Thankfully, you now have a big advantage over other sellers. You know what it takes. Follow these guidelines to gain the best advantage for your home to sell quickly, and for the best price.

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