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Dated: May 5 2020

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              These techniques will sell homes that other agents have failed to sell. You may realize it, but small details make a big difference!

            Here is a small sample of homes another agent wasn’t able to sell. After applying these techniques, they all sold successfully:

·               Home was listed for over 11 months with two other agents. Neither of them could sell it. Listed and sold in 45 days using the strategies outlined here.

·              Home was up for sale for 6 months with another agent. Not much happened. A few showings had resulted in no offers. Listed and sold 3 months later.

·             Home was for sale for over 18 months with two other agents. Neither of them could sell it. Listed and sold 65 days later. The owners were thrilled.

·           There are countless more stories, just like these. (These are just a few examples that come to mind.)

3 basic things a good agent can do to succeed

where other agents have failed:

              #1. Improve the marketing. Take better pictures and write better descriptions. Perform an in-depth “marketing analysis”. This helps identify marketing opportunities other agents have missed.

            #2. Solve any problems holding back the sale. Yes, sometimes a problem is holding the sale back. Here is an example:

Contrary to what most people think, price is not

always the reason that home doesn’t sell.

              One sale was held back 12 months by a pending municipal lien. A little creative thinking and consultation with some experts on the subject solved the problem. That home sold a week after the problem was resolved, without dropping the price.

            Bottom Line: Good agents are problem solvers. Solve the problems and the home sales. Unfortunately, not all agents are good problem solvers.

#3. Improve the showing condition of the home. A “staged” home will sell for 10-15% more. A home in good showing condition (but not staged) can still sell for 1-10% more than an average listing.

Have you ever wondered why foreclosures are a “bargain”? well, there is your answer. Some foreclosures are complete dumps. Others are dirty, stinky, and do not show well at all. The foreclosure that is in perfect condition is a rarity. (They rarely sell for a discount.)

So, why do so many people think that the only reason a home doesn’t sell is because it is “overpriced”?

It’s just the accepted wisdom in the marketplace.

               This may seem absurd. After all . . . everyone wants a magic formula to solve all their problems. But, sometimes simple things can solve seemingly impossible problems.

            In fact, few people knew and taught “the basics” better than football coach Vince Lombardi. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest football coaches of all time.

            He started coaching the Green Bay Packers when they were consistently losing one game after another. He turned the team around and won 5 NFL Championships.

            Those familiar with Lombardi’s coaching tactics might assume that he was successful because he had complex strategies and completely unheard-of methods.

Actually, the opposite is true.

             Vince Lombardi believed for the Green Bay Packers to become a great team, they would have to go back to the basics of the sport and relearn even the simplest aspects of the game.

            It is his first pre-season speech, he shocked every one of his new players. He stood in front of them, held up something in his hand, and announced, “Gentlemen, this is a football”.

            He then proceeded to revisit all of the basic rules of football, what the different lines on the field were for, etc.

Some might have thought he was going a little

overboard. His results proved them wrong.

               Lombardi led the Packers for five NFL Championships as well as two Super Bowl wins. His “back to basics” approach paid off, and the team got to enjoy its rewards.

The same philosophy should be used to sell your home.

              You can bombard social media, list your home on every website imaginable, beg your friends to put up flyers on the notice board at work, and so on.

If you don’t start with the basics

everything else is just a waste of time.

               Time is very valuable, so most people who are looking to buy a house will not waste even a second on a listing that hasn’t mastered the basics.

            If they have to ask questions like, “Why are all the photos so dark?” or “Is it chouse or a condo? I can’t tell!” they’ll just move on to the next listing. The first impression has to be perfect.

Even a great home cannot sell itself

without the proper marketing.

                A great agent is needed to make sure that your home is being showcased in the best way possible.

            Just like Vince Lombardi knew that going back to basics would help his team, a qualified real estate agent will know the basics of marketing are crucial to selling your home.

            Every home has a base, and without that base, the whole structure could fall flat. A selling strategy for your home works the same way. Hurrying to post an ad for your home on your Facebook wall will do little good if it’s a rushed job that shows more of the neighbor’s garage than your beautiful front porch and garden.

A successful real estate agent knows that basic strategies

are the foundation of a marketing plan

to sell your house.

                Give me a call and I’ll show you my strategies for marketing your home and finding the perfect buyer.

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